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Marker/Clearance Lights

AL Lightech offers marker/clearance lights in different shapes and sizes.
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4 Inch Rectangle Digital LED Side Marker Light Kit, Truck Lights 4 Inch Rectangle Digital LED "Hard Wire" Marker Light, Truck Lights 4 Inch Oval Digital LED Marker Light, Truck Lights
A.L. Lightech - 4" Oval Digital LED Marker Light
List Price: $12.99
Our Price: $8.99
4 Inch Oval Digital LED Marker Light Kit, Truck Lights 4 Inch Slim Line Digital LED Side Marker Light Kit, Truck Lights
A.L. Lightech - 4" Oval Digital LED Marker Light Kit
List Price: $14.99
Our Price: $9.99
Truck Marker Lights Ė Recent Developments in Truck Marker Lights

When a large commercial truck is making a turn, other drivers have to allow space for the truck to make the turn.  If the truck does not have marker lights then the truck is placing himself and other at risk for a collision.  A large commercial truck will have to turn slowly and use caution.  Truck marker lights are used to outline the shape of the truck and cab.  They are turned on with the truckís head lights or can be turned on alone and used as parking lights.
Older vehicles have outdated marker lights which cannot be seen from great distances.  The older bulbs in marker lights would frequently die and had to be replaced often.  Technology has advanced and truck marker lights are now using LED light heads which offer many benefits.  LED lights shine very brightly and provide many hours of use.  They no longer project the picture of a bunch of little dots or lights because improvements in design make them appear as one light.  This has improved visibility of marker lights.
Some marker lights also function as turn signals. When a truck or other large vehicle has to turn, the driver should turn on the lights way in advance of the turn. Sometimes this is not possible and the driver only has seconds to turn the truck turn signals on.  Using LED lights means that they can turn on quickly which makes for a safer driving experience.  Trucks often carry heavy loads and drive at high speeds for thousands of miles so the marker lights should be able to stand up to heavy vibration.  If a marker light is out, then a large truck or other vehicle is extremely unsafe to drive.  New marker lights are designed to be almost completely shockproof.

Truck marker lights are a critical part of helping to maintain safety on the roadways.  If a vehicle is using older marker lights, then there is an increased chance that the bulb will burn out without the driver knowing it.  Donít take a chance on safety and consider buying new truck marker lights that use LED lamps.  The LED lights donít use a lot of power and are designed to handle the vibration caused by commercial vehicles.  New marker lights for a commercial vehicle are one way to help the driver and other motorists stay safe.