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Beacons are one of the most used equipment in emergencies and safety regulations.
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Whelen - 2022 Quint Flash 22 Watt Strobe Beacon Whelen - S360D Super Strobe D Series Beacon Whelen - L31 Super-LED 360° Beacon - Amber
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Whelen 22 Watt Strobe Beacon Whelen Super Strobe D Series Beacon Whelen Super-LED 360 degree Beacon
Whelen - L21 Series Super-LED 360° Beacons Whelen - Rota-Beam 70,000 CP 50 Watt Halogen Beacon Whelen - L32 Super-LED 360° Beacon
List Price: $234.99
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Whelen Super-L21 Series LED 360 degree Beacon Whelen  Rota-Beam 50 Watt Halogene Beacon Whelen Super-LED 360 degree Beacon
Amber Beacons – Necessary for Construction Vehicles and Tow Trucks

Most construction vehicles would not be able to operate without amber beacons. Beacons come in different colors, but the most effective beacons are amber in color. There are many uses for beacons including tow trucks and wide load escort vehicles. Many construction companies use beacons to let motorists know when there is a road blocked or when traffic is being diverted. Beacons are also used when a vehicle is broken down and tow truck or roadside assistance truck is located behind the broken down vehicle. Many motorists come to expect the beacon as a warning sign. Because of this, beacons are a way to let motorists know to pay close attention when driving.

There are other warning lights on emergency and non-emergency vehicles, but in some cases it may be illegal to use other types of warning lights for emergencies. For example, if you are operating a motor vehicle to do a police escort and you are using your hazard lights, then you have no way to indicate when you need to change lanes or make a turn. This can be very dangerous to other motorists around you. Using amber beacons in this situation will allow you to use your hazard lights to let other motorists know when you need to change lanes or turn. And, if you were using your hazard lights to escort someone, you may be breaking the law in some states.

There are different types of amber beacons. There are amber beacons that stay lit with no rotating or strobe features. There is also a rotating beacon light that is used for added warning. Most rotating beacons are enclosed in plastic domes. The domes can be different colors. If the domes are not composed of different colors, then often the bulb will have colored lenses. There are beacons with strobe lights and beacons that use LEDs. It is becoming more common to use beacons with LED lights.

Use of a beacon will determine how quickly other motorists recognize that there is an emergency. When motorists see a rotating beacon, they know that there’s a need to be cautious. In the past, the lights on top of police or other emergency vehicles were usually just a single beacon that rotated. There is a big difference in amber beacons used today because the use of LED lights allows beacons to project light in all different directions. This is much more effective because the LED light projects further and is brighter so more motorists will notice the beacon sooner.