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High Viz Gloves

Any good traffic safety management always enforces the use of high visibility gloves.
High Visibility Gloves – Use High Visibility Gloves to Alert Motorists and Direct Traffic

Workers who work alongside of roadways have a uniquely dangerous occupation.  These workers often do not have any barriers between them and the passing vehicles.  They also must move about in order to do their job effectively, placing them in immediate danger at times.  They must use equipment such as drills and other tools.  Some workers may have to climb up high to reach power lines or other equipment.  Other workers may have to stand in the middle of an intersection and direct traffic.  High visibility gloves can keep workers safe and alert drivers to changing roadways.

Our freeways and highways are expanding at a rapid rate.  There is ongoing construction on many of the nation’s largest roadways.  Workers must often create temporary lanes and divert traffic around the construction zone.  Some construction zones are so dangerous that a worker must be directing traffic at all times.  Motorists can easily identify a worker if he is using high visibility gloves.  These gloves are normally light yellow or orange and contain a reflective strip or material.  Drivers will know that they need to slow down or stop when they see a worker wearing these gloves.
Sometimes construction workers have to make emergency repairs to traffic signals at an intersection.  This can cause traffic accidents if there is not sufficient traffic control.  The workers may not be visible to the motorists because they may be up high on a pole.  Cones should be placed around the area where the workers are but this may not be enough to warn drivers.  When a worker comes down from working up on a pole, he may not have anything to protect him from vehicles.  He needs to wear high visibility gloves so that pedestrians and drivers can be aware of his presence.   
All workers who direct traffic and work near passing traffic must wear safety equipment.  Wearing high visibility gloves will give workers a good way to let drivers and pedestrians know that they are there.  Workers who must walk through traffic should wear these gloves at all times.  Workers who are mowing the grass along side of highways should also wear these gloves so that drivers can see them from far distances.  Because a good pair of gloves should have reflective material, drivers will often notice the gloves before they realize that there are workers present.  Any good traffic safety management program should enforce the use of safety gloves.